The Agape Center
       Peer Recovery in Motion


Becky Irvine

I have found the Agape Center in Amarillo to be very beneficial in my recovery regarding mental health. I try to volunteer at Agape several times a month.It really gives me a sense of purpose to be able to come to Agape and help others with mental illness in their journey. I do things like data entry, general office duties, and lead groups from time to time. It builds my confidence in my own recovery to be talking about my recovery to others who may be struggling. I feel a sense of accountability when I find myself struggling with issues like personal safety or unhealthy coping mechanisms. I often think, what would the people at agape think if I Ö Or I think back to conversations I may have had with members about what tools I use when Iím struggling, and I think, have I tried what I talked about with John Doe. I need to try that.

Agape is somewhere I can go to find purpose and meaning. Itís also a place that offers tools and resources to deal with mental health challenges. Itís really good to get up and have somewhere I can be, where I donít need my mask and where I can do something meaningful with my day to help others and be an active member in my community. Not only have I worked at the center, but I have also gone out in the community to educate others on Agape and mental illness. I have participated in fundraising and community outreach. I have the confidence to do that because of the acceptance and support I have received at Agape.

Monica C.

When I first came to Agape, I was very nervous and unsure of what to expect. I was afraid of people and didn't know what I could get from coming here. Unable to cope with certain situations, I was alone.

Since that first day, I have discovered my potential as a person, a friend, and as a group participant. I can relate to other people better. Agape has helped me to build my skills so I can be supportive of others as well as allowing people in to help me.

I enjoy coming and learning new things and meeting people. I am very grateful for the opportunity to grow as an individual. I have overcome many obstacles and reached many goals to improve my life. I would not have achieved this without a place to go and the wonderful support from this Center and its lovely people. Thank you Agape!

Sandra C.

When I started coming to Agape I was real angry because of my mental illness. I started getting help with my anger issues, and it has really helped me. I have learned how to deal with my problems through the Agape Center.

I have learned a lot through the programs they have here at Agape. I am able to express myself and feelings through the peer support groups and the art class. I have also received help from my peers. I think Agape has
helped me 100% with my mental problems. I am learning a lot from coming to the Agape Center.

Gerri S.

I thank God that I found the Agape Center. I found peace and joy within these walls. When I first came to the Center I was lost at what to do with my life. The members and the staff believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. I started to do things I never felt I could do.

After a few months of being at Agape, I started to do some volunteering. I started to have confidence in myself that I never had. This lead me into becoming a staff member myself. The Agape Center has given me purpose in my life for the first time. A lot of this is due to having people believing in me.

Melinda U.

I want to thank everyone here at Agape Support Group and the staff for encouraging me to succeed in my six-week course in Floral Design and Flower Shop Operations; which I got a certificate of completion from Amarillo
College on February 27, 2018.

Glenn T.

The Agape Center has impacted my life in many ways. Several years ago, when I first came to the Agape Center, I was accepted just the way I was. The cool thing about the center is that I didnít stay that way. The center has helped me grow and mature as a person. When I was being abused and mistreated at home, the members and the staff at the center supported me and encouraged me to stand up for myself. I have lost a lot of my family through divorce and death. I live by myself, but I am not alone because I have a new family at the center. If I had to sum up what the Agape Center means to me in one word, it would be "familyĒ.

Stephen W.

When I first started coming to Agape around six years ago, I had never been in that kind of organized structured environment before. I had limited job experience and had just been diagnosed with a mental illness. Agape Center gave me a place to belong and be accepted even with my mental illness. They gave me a valuable social setting to learn in as well as job training that has helped me out alot. Since then, I have grown and developed as a person. Also, I have more life experiences as well as friends, and I am grateful for that.